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My professor, friend, choreographer, and fellow Artist Wendy Rogers, approached a couple of individuals, and I about an amazing opportunity, about 5 months ago. She spoke of ODC, and how they were planning on having a summer intensive in the summer of 2014.  Upon hearing this wonderful opportunity, I quickly pondered to myself, “I have to go at all cost,” in a nut shell, I decided to attend the two week summer intensive  in the Bay Area, at ODC.

During my stay, I had the pleasure and honor to work with Artistic director Brenda Way, Physical comedy by Bill Irwing (look him up), Hope Mohr (look her up), and many more amazing Artist. The immense amount of information I received during those two weeks are still scattered in my cerebrum, who is still trying to collect the pieces and formulate a complete image, thought, idea, dance, movement etcera.

Having to wake up at 7am or 8 am mostly every day to catch the Muni (public transportation) was in itself a challenge to endure, upon arrival at the ODC commons, and dancing for 8-9 hours(9am-5/6pm) daily with a performance to watch 3 times a week( 8-10pm) and arriving home at 12-1am is a ridiculous routine,but if that was not rigorous enough I do not know what is. But regardless of the long hours, and restless nights, the sweaty clothes I wore throughout the day (of course I had extra clothing to change) demonstrated the hard work I was putting into those classes. At first I felt like I was going to collapse from exhaustion but quickly felt my endurance increase throughout the days, due to the high volume of dance classes I was doing daily. Some of the company members would admit “even I don’t dance that many hours.”

Overall, the experience was exhausting, thrilling, wondrous, and fulfilling . 

In later posts, I will talk about the shows, and topics that were discussed in the Intensive.

Here is to week 9

So I cannot believe that UCR is Dancing is over. The 114 series has come to an end. Now I don’t know what I will do with my life. But for starters I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this great production, we have all been a very positive, enthusiastic, and extremely supportive group and thank you for that, because without it I do not know where I would be. A big and ESPECIALLY thank you to my cast for committing six months of their life to me and that without them my piece would not exist. Thank you. I love you guys.

I feel that my piece was a success and it turned out to be more then what I had expected. I had my ups and downs on not knowing where to start and how to move forward but somehow it all happened. I recall being in dance 14 and hearing about UCR is dancing. It was a really scary thought for me because prior to coming to UCR I had never choreographed or for that matter danced in my life, but I adjusted and soaked all the materials needed to produce choreography, and my hard work paid off. I feel that this piece that I have created is the beginning of something greater. All I know is that it will be developed MORE, because I feel like its not finished, but for the concert it was just enough.    

Chorepgraphers/Wolfpack: Can I just say that the you GUYS are all amazing. I love you all and we killed those performance’s, like I said before this show will truly be one to remember.  We have demonstrated the capability of what UCR IS Dancing is about, its not about whose piece is the best but about the learning experience and demonstration of the department. But an important aspect of this concert is that we get to create friendships along with the process. All I want you to know is that I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ONE ANOTHER. We are truly a pack, where no one is left behind.

JOEL SMITH: I want to thank you so much for the hard work you have put into this department and shaping it to be the best that it can be. Thank you for pushing me to my limits, going beyond my boundaries, and attacking the space unknown. I have learned so much from you and my other professors. Thank you for always reminding me to use my plié, my core, attacking the space, but most of all my extensions. You have contributed a lot in my life and I am grateful for that, because if it was not for your contribution I do not know where my choreography/dancing skills would be. All I want you to know is that You have a very special place in my heart, and that you are truly an inspiration to me Thank you. 

Week *

This week I had my lighting rehearsal and may I say that Jan is an amazing lighting director. She is so easy to work with and knew exactly what I wanted for my piece. At first I was thinking of having circle spot lights, but Jan suggested to have squares, I liked that idea because it works with the framing that I have in my dance. When you and Jan suggested the lighting equipment coming down in the middle of my piece, I must say I was a little uneasy about the idea, but when I saw it, I really liked the effect it created towards my piece. It not only framed the structural pictures my dancers and I are creating with our bodies, but also distracts the viewer making them miss part of the movement which goes, hand in hand with my overall theme. I cannot believe that we are going into week 9 for Tech rehearsal, we have come a long way and I can truly say that I am blessed to be a part of this showcase, and UCR is Dancing 2012 will be a show to remember.  

Toy Piano by John Cage

This is Week 7 and I don’t know what to think of it. I feel that it is losing its original idea since I had to replace a dacner. The ending seems to be not about hiding movement but more of showing it more. But I feel stressed because I am still having second thoughts about where I want to end it, but I am figuring out a decision.  I am still looking for music, and I will be posting youtube links where you can hear the music and watch the piece to get a feel of which one goes better with the piece. At the moment I have John Cage Toy Piano, and Gidon Kremer; Leonard Bernstein Violin concerto 4 toccata, but I would want feedback if the music works or not or leave it in silence. I cannot believe that in two weeks this is going to be showcased, and I am scared, but I know I will get through it, I am still working on details like the extensions and being clear about the pathways. Plies need to be more deep and grounded because I feel my dancers including myself we lose balance, and the movement needs to be sharp, with no fidgeting. All I know is that everything will turn out to be an awesome performance. 

Week 6 

So for this week I kept adding material, and I feel like I have a long way to go. The loss of a dancer, has made me  think on how to continue with my overall theme f hidden movement, by introducing myself in my piece I am not fully visualizing the ending product, but I am still working towards the theme. From such disaster some pieces have been successfully created among the rest of my cast but I do not feel the same effect when I add myself. I feel that the movement is slowly becoming shown.  I do not know how I feel about this and I feel uncomfortable letting my piece to evolve in such direction but I am still trying to work towards hiding movement. Its becoming a hard process, but I am pushing forward with it. A lot of the work is being cleaned up. Music and costumes have been a whole new challenge, I do not know what I want as a costume yet I feel like making my dancers be in regular pedestrian attire, but if they are willing to spend some money on khakis pants and shirts it might work well, but other wise I am un sure on what to use. I know it will get done but unfortunately at the moment it has become a stressful process. Christina, and Belgica came to my rehearsal and gave me feedback on what was working, and what was not. I was told to pay attention to the gaze, and contact in my piece on how it should be delivered, and to really be clear with the counter balances.       

Week 5 rehearsal. 

Man I cannot believe that UCR is Dancing is getting closer and closer. Like everyone has been saying we only have around 8 rehearsals before the big bang show. Unfortunately, I lost a dancer this week, because they thought that they had a meeting after the show when they actually, have meeting the same weekend as the show so he had to drop out. I been debating if I want to be in my own piece or leave it as a trio, I know that I was working with some tempos within the bodies, but I actually like how my three dancers look on stage, since it pertains to the idea of hiding movement.  Ariel, came this week to give me feedback, and she said that it looked well with the 3 bodies, so its just a matter of choice. But just in case I will detail my movement, and introduce myself to the material. Besides the bad news, I been slowly fixing my piece. I need to start thinking of how I want it to come to an end, still pertaining to the idea of hiding material. I have received many input about the musicality of my piece. I actually did not want it to have a piece of music at all, because I feel it will distract the audience from paying attention to the missing movement, and it almost seems that it breathes on its own, and by adding music think it will lose its effect, but regardless I have been doing some research, and how found some interesting tunes that might coordinate with the piece, yet they sound a little to epic.

I will post them, the tunes later since Youtube is not currently working. 

Week 4

I continued working on where I left of and have been achieving my goals on working with timing and detail. Slowly but surely my piece is coming together. For my second rehearsal I was missing a dancer because she felt sick. I decided to keep moving forward with the piece, and added manipulation and initiation movements, to get all  my dancers into a quartet and develop what would be considered the climax of my piece. At this point I have not created any set material for it but in the rehearsals to come, that will be my first priority, into finishing the section.  

I was discussing my piece with a colleague and showed them my first rehearsal video, and the feedback they gave me was very helpful, in the manner that it made me ponder of certain aspects of my dance that I myself had not, touched upon. For Example, I was told to think about the touching in my piece. I used the touching to move from one section to another, but no relationship is being impose.  Even though it is successful, I feel that the touching may guide the audience into trying to find a relationship between my dancers which, why my piece has nothing to do with connections. I used it only to lead into the next movement. When creating material I have a hard time involving touching because I ponder of its meaning and what perspective is being imposed.  I been trying to figure out why the physical motion of touching is involved in my piece thus, this far I have noticed that the touching does not impose a relationship connection to the dancers, so its just a movement. Besides the focussing on movement and its meaning, I have also noticed that  framing is being accidentally created between the dancers, this is very effective with my dance because mini sections are happening at once which leads to my overall ending product.   

This is the first rehearsal of the week and may I say that it was very productive. I added more material, and have been working on detail. Unfortunately I have not been able to continue moving forward because before I add movement I question it to the fullest if it makes sense being in the piece or not. Overall this is what I have so far. 

This is an ideal costume!!!

This is an ideal costume!!!

This video illustrates the costume design I want for my piece, I want all my dancers to be in unitards that have sleeves. But unlike the coloring in this video I would like my dancers to have outrageous colors like Bright Hot Pink, Green, Orange, and Light blue, this colors will represent my piece as a whole due that the small movement created by this colorful clothing, will attract the audiences attention, and create an action within the audience to shift focus to each each dancer.   

Week three


This week we were assigned to work on the same assignment as last week to create choreography and stick to the idea. We were able to develop work in class, by either continuing to work with the material already established or work with new material. I decided to stick with the idea and continue evolve it to a new potential, that could work for my dancers to move forward. In rehearsal I decided to work with the same idea and added it to the parts I consider worthy of staying in my piece. I explored the connection between the two and how to plug it in together. So in this rehearsal I created pathways of movement, to stick my piece together.

Unfortunately, on Thursday we continued the assignment and gathered more material but my rehearsal time had passed so tomorrow I will work on the material that was shown in class, hoping it ties well with the rest of the piece. I feel that my piece still needs a lot of cleaning up to do, since it lacks the factor of set material, most of the my dancers are improvising some parts for the mean time, but slowly I am working on material that will be set in those gaps. So some of my goals for this week are to have material set, and create new pathways where my dancers can exit and entrance during the piece. 

In the clip illustrated somewhere in another post, is the pathways and putting pieces of movement together. But personally, I see that my piece contains a lot of repetition, it is an element that I do not want to over do, since my overall idea is not based on repetition. I see that repetition is one of the weakness I have when I am having choreography block. That is the most element I fall back on and is easily seen in the clip.  Even though it has its downs I feel that my piece also contains many positive elements. Especially the leveling of bodies, this technique is working within my dancers because they create architecture sculptures on stage making it evident that these bodies are moving in and out of this places and have the choice of letting the audience see the movement or leave them in suspense, and question. I just want to move forward into creating hidden movement between those statue like bodies. For this week I want to also play with the timing of the material, because it does feel sluggish and monotone.